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This story is all about a person who finally decides to consider off on his own for a time and pay attention to himself...his Inner Voice. The journey inside a physical sense is definitely an open ocean solo sailing adventure. Yet, since the main character Petah experiences Life along the physical path he's got chosen, he actually starts to understand in a certain style to be which had always existed in his core...he just couldn't know how to maintain just could drift from hour and hour until he'd notice again. Because the story has been read by a person, it's my hope that you will be in a position to notice the journey of challenges for your Self to make it your personal. For perhaps many or most of us...there've existed individuals our way of life who reveal that which you "should" or "need" to accomplish. Sometimes, we may feel in our inner Being our opinion is appropriate, yet we listen to others and quite often permit them to make decisions for people. When the Universe says to us... "OK...let's do that again, only now you will proceed through something a lot more intense...perhaps this time around, you will get it." Perhaps take the leap of Faith requested never know whatever you decide and find.

Path of Three Hundred

Upon my return from the solo sailing adventure of almost 2000 miles across open ocean where I single-handed a thirty foot sailboat from Wilmington, North Carolina to Bermuda and back, I began writing "Path of Three Hundred". If I had taken a direct route there and back, the trip would have been around fifteen hundred miles, but I took the great distance home from Bermuda returning to Wilmington sailing halfway for the Bahamas before turning west to Florida, then more north to New york because of conditions on the ocean.

Path of Three Hundred

I felt compelled to create the book because of the transformation of self while being at sea from the physical challenges I faced while alone. There is no destination to "pull over" on the market. There's no someone to consider the helm to ensure that I could rest when tired or hungry. Eight events of sailing to get at Bermuda and nine times of sailing back to Wilmington. I experienced storms, the Bermuda Triangle and beautiful wonders of Nature unlike anything I will ever remember...and I desire to return...some day, I am going to again when i miss the water whilst I write these words.

When i wrote it, I came to be a hermit. Planning to just work at my "normal job", coming home to my sailboat where I live with my dog, Lucky, walking him and writing. Waking up the following day to publish and do this again...for 6 months. I began writing the story with the adventure within the first person, however something in regards to the story was a bit dry. I was reading Paulo Coehlo's books and love the storytelling method by which he writes, so I developed a creative decision to publish inside the third person. I even changed most of the character names including my very own. An appealing thing happened along the way. While I was writing how many other people were saying concerning this man, Petah (me), I began to feel those others and be them. Specifically one chapter, " Three for the East..." where I had been battling a powerful Gale Storm, people were losing it on land because they could see me sail to the middle of the storm...something I didn't know during the time. As I wrote a few things i was relayed through those others, I really could feel their anxiety as I felt the anxiety with the sailor cruising...wild.

I loved the whole process of writing "Path of Three Hundred" for so many reasons, however the the one that sticks over the internet now is having the capacity to keep fresh the photographs of sailing throughout the open ocean. The advantage of available is quite special...a place that will always draw me into it's core.

In the Back Cover

When the Universe says to us...

"OK...let's do this again, only this time you're going to proceed through something much more intense...perhaps this time around, you'll get it."

Perhaps take the leap of Faith requested individuals....who knows what you may find.

"Path of Three Hundred" is the true story of an adventure beginning. My way through this book actually happened, I simply changed most of the names, including my own, to be able to tell the story in the third though hanging out a campfire and telling a story of old. My thirty foot sailboat, the Sailing Vessel Cuddy is my Little She and also the boat I sailed alone backwards and forwards to Bermuda this year.

Lucky and that i will not separate again basically will help it.